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Good morning, World Wide Web! We are so excited to have the Blue Rock site up and running and we are looking forward to sharing all of our news, renovations and events with you on our blog. For the first post it feels appropriate to introduce the property so that we can officially call ourselves friends.

Nice to meet you

Blue Rock Estate (BRE) was built in 1987 by a masonry artist by the name of Jesse Trevino. He built his home and studio from limestone, which he personally hand chiseled. His gallery, attached to the home, was designed with floor-to-ceiling arched windows to overlook the back lawn, providing all of the natural light and beauty an artist could want. His hope was that the art community would display their work and Blue Rock would become the art gallery of the Hill Country.

Original Limestone work of John Trevino
Original Limestone work of Jesse Trevino

The second owner, Dr. Gordon Crofoot enjoyed BRE as his second home. Gordon is a hard- working doctor who specialized in AIDS research in Houston and quickly fell in love with the quietness of the twenty acres as his restful place. He shared with us that his favorite thing about the property is the artistic masonry Trevino created. He kept the original Saltillo terra cotta tile throughout the estate, respected the natural vegetation in the butterfly garden, and preserved the beautiful oak trees that shade the terrace and pool area. Much of his mark is left on Blue Rock because of the obvious high regard he held for the original features.  Gordon will always remain a close friend of BRE and a cornerstone to our story.

Early this year Dr. Crofoot decided to make a permanent move to Mexico to join his partner, so he listed his property for sale looking specifically for a buyer who would appreciate Blue Rock. That’s when the Dischers became part of the story.

Dr. Gordon Crofoot with the Dischers
Dr. Gordon Crofoot with the Dischers

Crissalane and John Discher were newlyweds living in central Austin growing their wedding planning business. Being a dreamer, Crissalane casually shopped the real estate market in and around Austin in hopes of owning a venue one day. Both John and Crissalane will tell you that when they found Blue Rock they weren’t necessarily looking to move to the Hill Country and they definitely had purchasing a venue in the ten year forecast, not the one year action plan. After meeting with Gordon and sharing their vision of turning the Estate into an events venue, he knew that his home was in the right hands. He immediately sold the property to them in May of 2013, turning their dreams into a quick reality.

Since then the Blue Rock property and history has welcomed us with open arms. We are steadily bringing the property up-to-date with renovations while giving special attention to the original artistry. This blog will walk you through our growth activities as we introduce Blue Rock, the newest venue in the Hill Country.

We look forward to greeting you with the same feeling of familiarity that won our hearts and we are excited about making beautiful memories with you!


View of the Blue Rock ballroom from the trail.
View of the Blue Rock ballroom from the trail.

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