Meet the People: part three

Collyn Cody –

Vice President of Operations aka Blue Rock guru aka The Voice

Collyn Cody

Have you seen the movie 27 Dresses? Collyn is not far behind needing a separate bridesmaid dress closet herself. After being in 18 weddings she has become a walking emergency kit for any bride in need. From finding a groom’s lost ring to re-doing hair and make up for an entire wedding party, Collyn has natural gift of serving others and remaining calm under pressure. Following her graduation from The University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelors degree in Communication and Human Relations, Collyn pursued a position in Houston, TX in sales and talent acquisition. Realizing that her heart was in Austin she carried her sales experience back “home” and began working as an account manager for a local branding and promotional company. Through that experience it became obvious that her strengths lie in taking an event and creatively bringing it full circle.

In September of 2013 she joined the team as Vice President of Operations. After partnering with Disch Events as an event assistant, Collyn was the first person to come to John and Crissalane’s mind to help bring Blue Rock Estate to fruition. They believed that the combination of her tenacity and artistic originality would allow each client the ability to execute their vision while remaining consistent with John and Crissalane’s mission of focusing on the relationship and purpose behind the event. That being said, her role at BRE includes sales and marketing for the estate as well as facility coordination throughout each event. In a nutshell, she will serve as your point of contact from beginning to end.  Got a question? She’s got the answer.

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