Meet the People: part two

Crissalane Discher

Facility Manager aka Miss Make It Happen aka The Eyes

Crissalane Discher

Crissalane has been passionate about throwing fabulous events since she was a child.  Growing up in a home where her parents were constantly looking for reasons to celebrate, it was only natural that Crissalane learned how many details go into making an event run smoothly.  With degrees in Marking and Advertising from Southern Methodist University, Crissalane gained insights into the business industry. Realizing that the creative side of business was where her skill sets shined, Crissalane moved to Austin where she gained her Masters of Advertising degree while focusing her creative skills. Upon earning her masters, Crissalane joined in the business world working for companies such as Sun Microsystems, Lombardi Software and IBM before leaving the corporate industry to pursue her dream of becoming a wedding and event planner.  After meeting Johnny and planning their own wedding, Johnny and Crissalane realized their calling to the event industry.

Fast forward. Disch Events has been thriving for 3 years now, allowing Crissalane and Johnny to indulge in their next big dream as a couple: a venue. Crissalane’s experience in the industry, savvy business sense and remarkable attention to detail gives her the upper hand when it comes to running this new venue. Her focus remains on Disch Events as a Certified Wedding Planner but rest assured, her eyes and ears are everywhere (and that’s a really good thing for you). One unique and telling thing about Crissalane is that even though she is a professional planner she does not require Blue Rock Estate’s clients to use her services exclusively. She is available for hire through Disch Events but wants couples to have the luxury of using the vendors of their choice. At Blue Rock Estate we wholeheartedly want to surpass expectations and that mission is driven by Crissalane’s selflessness and dedication to her passion: people.

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