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There is a growing trend in the wedding venue world that we at Blue Rock are totally on board with. One stop shopping. The idea of a single location for your ceremony and reception just makes sense. Think about it. Would you go to Central Market for bananas, HEB for strawberries and then Wal Mart for pineapple? While you certainly could, you wouldn’t want to, you don’t need to and most eloquently stated by Sweet Brown:


In the past, on-site ceremonies seemed to be reserved for inter-faith couples, “non-traditional” couples, or second weddings. Today we are seeing couples from all walks of life elect to have their ceremonies on-site because of the many added benefits, most notable, convenience.

The advantages of a single location wedding begin early in the planning process. As many couples find out, it can be difficult coordinating all of the details (wedding planners are saints) even without the location change. Lets take a look at what you’re up against:

The Date: “But I have to get married on 12/13/14!!!” You and every other bride. Unless you have the luxury of a long engagement or you’re one of those [brave] ladies who plans the wedding without a ‘ring on it’, it can be a disappointing realization when one location has the date you want available while the other does not. The Knot recommends booking your venues “at least one year in advance” and if your day falls during wedding season, “about 15 months out.” With a single location event, you only need luck on your side once. Shameless plug: Since Blue Rock Estate is relatively new, we have Spring 2015 dates still available!

Timing: Number one wedding day stresser. You have to be out of the church by 6, you don’t want pictures before, you can only rent the reception space until 11, the bridal party transportation is late, there’s traffic on IH-35 (shocking), Aunt Ethel is lost, Uncle Marty is tapping his toe waiting at the front of the buffet line…need I go on? The time it takes for you and your guests to travel from one space to another is time you cant get back from your wedding day. Lose the logistics. Having one location adds an hour to your celebration and you don’t have to worry about starting the party before Ethel gets the Lincoln headed in the right direction. Shameless plug: Blue Rock Estate is outside of the city limits so there is no curfew on your celebration.

Guest Accommodation: “I just want everyone to have a good time.” If there is one phrase out of every bride’s mouth this is it. What better gift to your guests than letting them park their car one time, claim their seat for the evening, and RELAX. Many of your guests will be traveling to your selected city and may not be familiar with the area. Nothing is more frustrating than being in a foreign city trying to follow a confused Siri while your date insists he knows a shortcut. Oh, and you need gas in this &$@#! roller skate of a rental car. The easiest way to set the tone of your day is to welcome guests one time to one place and let them cozy in to this venue you’ve fallen in love with. Shameless plug: You can type “Blue Rock Estate” into the Google maps app and she will guide you straight to our front door. Or one better: use a transportation vendor from our preferred vendor list and take the driving out of it completely!

Cost: Of course this will vary depending on your venues but generally speaking you are going to have to pay a deposit and rental fee for any locations you want to use. On top of that you may incur ceremony fees, parking fees or damage deposits. Why not consolidate your costs? Pay one place, save your money, don’t pay for travel time, and boom! You’ve got extra cash for that dance floor strobe light your husband insists he needs to highlight his moves. Shameless plug: Blue Rock Estate offers free parking, no ceremony fee, and opportunity to add hours to the top or bottom end of your day.

All that to say we think this is a trend that is here to stay. There are so many details involved in the process of marriage so adding this convenience will only be a benefit. Blue Rock Estate is fully capable of hosting your ceremony and reception to fit your religion, style and budget. We are excited to be part of the “wedding capital of Texas” in Dripping Springs where ‘one stop shops’ are gaining popularity faster than your single bridesmaid moved for that bouquet.

Happy Planning!!

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