Happy November, everyone!

One of the things we focus on at Blue Rock is giving couple’s the freedom to transform our space to best reflect them. We strive to provide a blank canvas and let you do with it what you wish. Devin and David’s wedding day is a prime example of what makes that so fun for us.

We knew this was not an ordinary wedding when one of Devin’s first questions was “can we roast a pig?” YES!! Aside from the fact that I selfishly just wanted to see that in real life, the exciting part was that she had a clear vision of what she wanted her day to look like. The even more exciting part was that she had the family and friends with industry experience to make it happen.

That being said, sometimes “DIY” weddings are intimidating because not everyone understands all of the small details that go into producing even the most relaxed weddings. Devin and David were blessed with professional florists, cooks, bakers, and flame throwers in their close circle and it was truly impressive to see these people go to work! Yes, I am said flame throwers.

These gorgeous floral arrangements were done by David’s mother.



A friend did this beautiful cake. A baker’s tip: to create this rich black look but avoid turning everyones smiles gray she used cocoa powder to get the icing as dark as possible and then added minimal food coloring to finish it off. Devin and Davids color scheme was black and white with red accents and this masterpiece followed that exactly by being a yummy red velvet inside!

IMG_1896The food for this wedding was chosen by the groom. Seems to be the one say so they are adamant about, right ladies? David did a great job I must say. The centerpiece was the roasted pig (even had the apple it its mouth!), surrounded by quite the feast of roasted vegetables, gorgeous loaves of breads, and roasted potatoes. It was straight out of a movie!


IMG_1894After dinner guests listened to a great three piece band by candle light. One fun surprise was that we got to light the pool red! Thats never happened before!

IMG_1883 IMG_1910IMG_1965

While the band took a break perhaps the biggest surprise for the guests took the stage. Real life flame throwers! My coworkers reached for the fire extinguishers but were quickly reassured because right on par for this family, there was a fire chief in the crowd! Whew!

These guys are Devin’s cousins and they put on the most entertaining show. They threw fire, blew fire, and tossed fire in circles like I have never seen. Not just that, but they were acrobatic too! It was like a mini cirque du soleil in our own back yard!




All in all, it was a wonderful celebration that was a true reflection of this great couple. We were honored to be a part of such a unique evening. Congratulations, Devin and David!! Cheers!


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